The Art of Risk Taking

In collaboration with GFDA, I am privileged to develop curriculum for a professional workshop series that we conduct internationally.

From our service description:

An uncomfortable workshop with unquestionable results.

The value of creativity lies precisely in the unpredictability of its products, and working in the realm of unpredictability means accepting risk. You can talk about risk, you can tweet it, you can print it; its benefits have been formulated, extrapolated, and professed; but all the book learnin’ in the world can’t replace living the experience for yourself. Through a series of provocative, team-based exercises, The Art of Risk Taking Workshop will challenge perceptions, cement bonds, and empower participants to embrace ambiguity, put aside their fears, and let go of their egos.

We believe that each of our clients, regardless of the size of their organization, deserves a customized experience, so our workshops are never canned. We put significant time and effort into learning about our clients’ needs and their goals for the workshop, as well as their internal cultures, and the ecosystems in which their work lives.


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WritingJason Richburg