Upper Division Courses


I teach concept development by emphasizing the processes which my students use to solve unframed problems, and by allowing them to have a high degree of independent ownership of their work. They must use defensible rationale to solve problems, rather than rely entirely on aesthetics and arbitrary techniques.

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Event Invitation

Students create an invitation to an event of their choosing, with the only constraint being that it must be in three parts: a ticket, a large format piece, and a housing. Entirely open ended and fast paced, the project gives students the chance to set their own constraints for functionality, and to gain experience with rapid prototyping.


Katherine Winstead

Madisyn Bowen

Local Rebrand

Students are challenged to rebrand a local business. They are responsible for conducting interviews and observations at the location, as well as market research and user analysis on a local, regional, and national level. They then deliver a solution which includes a mark, an ad series, and an interactive component, and write their own project brief and an analysis of their work.


William Scharlott

Alan Walker

Strategic Branding

Each student pitches a start-up which will be given an entire suite of branding an marketing materials. The rationale for the strategy and direction must be derived from researching an international city and industry which have been randomly assigned ahead of time. (I enlist a research librarian to prepare scholarly resources for the students to access.) The work is broken up into research, strategy, and execution stages. Final delivery consists of a strategy brief, a brand guide, and a process book which thoroughly outlines the entire project.


Andrea Cain

Maisie Cross